Cottager Floating Pipe Dock

The Cottager Dock is ideal for the budget conscious cottager looking for a floating dock. Not as rugged a build as our Pro Series floating dock, it is an excellent dock for small water. The same Eco-friendly HDPE pipe and Fusion Technics are used to produce an excellent quality dock. The flotation consists of two separate 18″ diameter pipes with pipe tabs bolted to the lateral wooden joists, side skirt fascia and decking.

The dock pontoons can be purchased separately or Whitewater can fabricate the dock for you. The separate pipe pontoons are easily shipped and handled. A great solution for getting a dock to a remote location.

The pontoons come in a diameter of 14″ or 18″ and standard lengths of 16 ft or 20 ft or 24 ft. Custom lengths will be quoted on an individual basis.


For the true DIY project. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Pipe Size 16′ 20′ 24′ 28′ 30′
14″ $1,346 $1,548 $1,683 $1,935 $2,104
18″ $1,509 $1,676 $1,919 $2,154 $2,265


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Prices are subject to change without notice.